Will and Mayang's Travels - More Skydiving, 2006-2007

We did quite a lot more skydiving in 2006-2007, mainly in Spain, but also a bit in England.  
Now Will has done over 50 jumps and Mayang has done about 12.

The best days are blue skies with a few clouds.  The clouds give you a feeling for how fast you are falling (100mph or faster if you change your body shape and dive downwards).  Once I even took a detour on the way down so I could fly through a cloud. Very memorable!

Beautiful view above Spain.

Gradually the town comes closer beneath me.   It's great to look around and enjoy the scenery, but very important to keep your eye on your altimeter (strapped on my hand).  It sounds stupid, but one of the biggest dangers is forgetting to open your parachute.

OK, houses are getting closer now.  5000 feet (1500m) left to ground level.  I've already fallen 8000 feet (2500m) in the last 50 seconds.  It's always over too soon.  But regrettably, time to open that parachute.

In my experience the parachute always opens.  This photo of Will is taken by Torben (Danish national skydiving team).  Because he has not opened his parachute yet, he's suddenly dropping from me at 100mph.  That's a weird thing to see when somebody has been right next to you for the last 50 seconds.  It feels like you are standing still and they are suddenly accelerating.  Actually, it's you that's stopping.

Some pics of various people on the courses we took, people we hung out with.  Luci (centre) was my Formation Skydiving teacher.

Torben and Lyse, the Danish instructors, take another student up for a lesson.  He doesn't know what's waiting for him!

The Irish guys spent all day skydiving and all night drinking Guinness.

Pedro taught me on my first course.  He's done over 10,000 jumps, basically jumping several times per day since he was 18.  He's cool and he knows he's cool!

Mayang is hyper after a jump (as usual).

Mayang with Christian, who spends all day packing parachutes to earn more money for skydiving.  This sport is addictive.

Ian, our friend from London, seems like he is enjoying himself.

Mayang looks excited.   Ulli looks bored, but sitting in a plane for 2-3 hours a day must get boring.

Mayang comes in to land only a few minutes before a storm came in.  We were worried she'd be up inside the storm.  There aren't any parachutes really small enough for her, so she doesn't come down very quickly!

A tandem parachute jumps out.  They think they are cool doing a tandem.  But we know that only solo jumpers are really cool!  

All pictures and other media are Copyright 2006-2007 William Owen Smith and Mayang Adnin.