Will and Mayang's Travels - Sarawak, Borneo, Malaysia, July 2004

Kuching : we start our visit by checking out the local restaurants.  Mayang tried some 'Mayang tea'...

...while I had spotted a larger cuppa!

In between two popular streets, a tiny alley serves as a popular shortcut.  The alley is now recognised as a heritage site in itself! 

Sarawak is dominated by rivers.  To get to the far side of Kuching, the locals take tiny boats, so we tried as well.

But to get to elsewhere in Sarawak, the fastest option is a huge sea-going passenger ferry/speedboat.

After crossing the open sea, we headed upriver and saw lots of evidence of timber processing - one of Sarawak's major industries.

In a local town Mayang was interested to see such things as pig snouts on sale in the market, as well as ducks and chickens calmly awaiting their fate, pre-wrapped in newspaper with a nylon carrying handle, so the customer could easily carry them home (alive and fresh!)

Towards the end of our Sarawak holiday, we headed up another smaller river to see some caves and a national park with some strange trees.

For some panoramic photos of Malaysia, see http://www.willsmith.org/pano/malaysia/

All pictures and other media are Copyright ©2004 William Owen Smith and Mayang Adnin