Will and Mayang's Events - London, Christmas 2005

Here are some pictures of our Christmas 2005 celebrations in London with my mum, Sue and Martin. 

Christmas morning, we get straight down to the serious business of opening presents!  We had actually had a walk around the park first, feeding the squirrels bits of orange, but unfortunately Mayang's camera decided to eat the memory card (maybe it was jealous of the squirrels) and the pictures are gone.

Looks like Sue's getting some practical, kitchen-themed presents!

Sue seems to be getting all the presents!

I still haven't learnt not to squint while having my photo taken!

Mayang does know how to be photogenic!

Later in the evening, it's a rush to get the table ready for our Christmas meal.

Sue's in control of the food!

Cheers everyone!  Sorry about this picture Sue, but it's one of the few pictures that Martin didn't escape!

After the chaos, some quiet time to enjoy the Christmas tree.

All pictures and other media are Copyright ©2004 William Owen Smith and Mayang Adnin.